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About P. LEO Insulation tape

P. LEO provide many kinds of insulation tape, including: polyester tape, barrier tape, foil tape, reinforced thread fiber tape, aromatic polyamide tape, acetate cloth tape and mixed fiber tape etc..

Insulating tape mainly provide in mechanical grip or in the layer insulation of bandage coil during the production process, suitable for transformer, motor and high-tech electrical industry. The grade of various thickness, tensile strength, dielectric strength and temperature rating are obvious advantages of these features in this category.

P. LEO provides different material, different thickness, tensile strength, dielectric strength and temperature rating and electrical insulating tape, suitable for UL insulation system EIS. All products comply with RoHS safety (with * mark is refers conforms to halogen-free requirements).

There are adequate supply and available color of high quality P. LEO insulating tape; must be the best choice for home. About other insulating materials or our agent products can browse our CDs or page

Acetate Cloth

Black or White acetate cloth coated with flame-retardant adhesive, rough and absorbent surface. It is better suited for varnished impregnation in 130oC application.



UL FILE NO: E137516 CSA FILE NO: LL98108/183511


Conductor: soft bare copper conductor Insulation: PVC insulation

Jacket: PVC Jacket

Rated temperature: 60˚Cor105˚CRatedvoltage:300V

Water-resistanttypeSPT-2WisavailablePassed UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 flame testSPT-2RpassedUL/CSA approval

Refer to standard CSA-C22.2Refertostandard UL62




Conductor: Annealed copper stranded conductor

Insulation: Water resistance PVC insulation

Rated temperature: 105˚C

Rated voltage: 300V

Passed UL VW-1 flame test

Refer to standard UL62


Mica sheet consists of phengite, quartz, garnet and rutile etc, can be converted into sodium feldspar, zoisite and hard chlorite etc, phengite contains rich Fe and Mg, Si in phengite can reach 3.369, and high pressure combination.It also have the function of insulate and low loss of thermal resistance.

Mica sheet is made of a thick mica piece after peeling, thicking, cutting, drilling or coining,it has a certain thickness, a certain shape, the product is suitable for the TV set, electric power capacitor, thermal relay, monitor display, aerospace, aviation, communication, radar, heat-resistant skeleton, etc as the raw material. divide into: electric heater chip, electric heaters, gasket, electronics segment, the light bulb pills, because its material is the natural mineral products, have the Characteristic of non- pollution, good insulation and voltage resistance, we can die cutting all kinds of natural mica sheet according to customer requirements.

Bunched Heating Wire

Our Bunched Heating Wire is designed especially for high loading environment like underfloor heating, pipe defrost, and roof defrost. The wire is durable while flexible, and it is easy to install. Because of its high durability, it is prefect for outdoor environment.

Carbon Fiber Insulated Heating Wire

Our carbon fiber insulated heating wire offers high resistance against chemical, while keeping its durability and flexibility properties. This lightweight heating wire is ideal to use in low wattage applications where rapid heating is required, and where far infrared heating is preferred, releasing no electromagnetic radiation. Due to its high tensile strength, and its resistance against oxidation, corrosive, and chemical, carbon fiber heating is ideal for a wide variety of applications, both industrial and commercial, where little maintenance is required. Carbon fiber also has one of the highest electric conversion efficiency, which meant it is the best option where energy saving is a concern.

Copper Foil Tape

Copper Foil Tape is good conformability, varnish absorption and abrasion resistant.

General utility grade cotton tape used in applications requiring good mechanical strength. Design for use as a coil wrap in capacitors and transformers. Also excellent for hold down and bundling applications.

PCB insulation, Plating protection, Painting protection

Cotton Cloth

Cotton Tape is noted for its conformable wrap as a class 105oC product in electrical application, abrasion resistant, 1C821 backing is absorbent for extra impregnation.

Crepe Masking Paper Tape

1M608 is crepe masking tape with Rubber Adhesive. It can resist to temperature of 80°C.

Double side adhesive tape

Double side adhesive tape

DUPONT® Polyimide Tape

DUPONT® Polyimide Tape used in high performance electrical applications and high-temperature coils.

(Mark with “*” refers to accord with the requirement of halogen free).