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About P. LEO Insulation tape

P. LEO provide many kinds of insulation tape, including: polyester tape, barrier tape, foil tape, reinforced thread fiber tape, aromatic polyamide tape, acetate cloth tape and mixed fiber tape etc..

Insulating tape mainly provide in mechanical grip or in the layer insulation of bandage coil during the production process, suitable for transformer, motor and high-tech electrical industry. The grade of various thickness, tensile strength, dielectric strength and temperature rating are obvious advantages of these features in this category.

P. LEO provides different material, different thickness, tensile strength, dielectric strength and temperature rating and electrical insulating tape, suitable for UL insulation system EIS. All products comply with RoHS safety (with * mark is refers conforms to halogen-free requirements).

There are adequate supply and available color of high quality P. LEO insulating tape; must be the best choice for home. About other insulating materials or our agent products can browse our CDs or page

Copper Foil Tape

Copper Foil Tape is good conformability, varnish absorption and abrasion resistant.

General utility grade cotton tape used in applications requiring good mechanical strength. Design for use as a coil wrap in capacitors and transformers. Also excellent for hold down and bundling applications.

PCB insulation, Plating protection, Painting protection

Crepe Masking Paper Tape

1M608 is crepe masking tape with Rubber Adhesive. It can resist to temperature of 80°C.

Double side adhesive tape

Double side adhesive tape

DUPONT® Polyimide Tape

DUPONT® Polyimide Tape used in high performance electrical applications and high-temperature coils.

(Mark with “*” refers to accord with the requirement of halogen free).

Filament Reinforced

Polyester film/glass filament tape, thermosetting rubber adhesive. Excellent solvent resistance and thermosetting qualities agressive high adhesive, non flagging rubber adhesive.

Glass Cloth Tape

Can be thermoset for greater resistance to the commercial solvents used in electrical varnishes.

For construction and repair of electrical equipment. Excellent impregnatability for traction machine manufacturing, for motors and transformers. In very high heat locations where other adhesives tapes cannot be used.

Heat Shrinkable Tube

Halogen Free Heat Shrinkable Tube is newly developed environmental-friendly flame retardant heat shrinkable tube, using specially designed formulation of high polymers, through cross-link by electric accelerator and continuous expansion. The properties of environment-friendly, flexibility flame retardant, quick shrink and stable performance make them widely used in the field of electronics, communication, automobile, and widely applied for connecting or end-handing, electric wire, insulating and harness of electric wire corrosion and rust –proof of metallic rods or tubes, antenna protection and marking for other products.

KAPTON® Polyimide Tape

KAPTON® Polyimide Tape used in high performance electrical applications and high-temperature coils.

(Mark with “*” refers to accord with the requirement of halogen free).

Other Tube

Mylar® Tube / Kapton® Tube / Nomex® Tube /PET Tube has secured many UL Electrical Insulation System (OBJS2) to help validate to use the tubes.Note: Mylar®, Kapton®, Nomex® for registered trademark of Dupont.

Nomex® Tube is made byspirally wound Nomex® stripes which is bonded witha uniqueadhesive.Comparedto the current high temperature insulation tube, flame retardant, hightemperature resistant nylon paper has distinct features and advantages ofsaving.UL certification, sustainable work under 220℃temperature. Does not support combustion,and with good resistance to chemicals and radiation resistance. It is able to spiralwound with plastic film, paper or other material .When characteristics of a varietyof materials is required, we can also meet your requirements.

Polyimide Kapton® Tube is made by spiral winding polyimidefilmwhich is bondedwith a unique adhesive.Tubes madeby this material compared with tubes made by ordinary film, this kind of tube hasgood electrical, physical and mechanical insulation performance.The tube hassignificant radiation resistance and flexibility both at high and lowtemperature. It is able to spiral wound with other plastic film, paper or othermaterial.When characteristics of a variety of materials isrequired, we can also meet your requirements.

No shrinkage polyester tube is made of spiral wound polyester.Usingthe unique polyester resin adhesive to bond each layer.The polyester resin and polyester film is similar in chemistryand properties.Reliable insulation performance, thin wall thickness, highdielectric strength, sustainable work under 150 ℃ temperature. It is able to spiralwound with other plastic film, paper or other material.When characteristicsof a variety of materials is required, we can also meet your requirements.

PCB Tape

High heat-resistant masking tape consisting of a polyester film laminated to a crepe paper and carrying a silicon adhesive, used for masking in scratch-resistance and impact-resistance, multiple coating for heavy-duty electrostatic power coatings and for multiple connectors of circuit boards in dip soldering or wave soldering, no residual adhesive left.

PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) TAPE

Flexible, compatible polyester knit, coil wrapping and holding transformer construction, bundling and binding for electrical application.