About P. LEO Group – Electrical Insulation & Magnetics Specialties

Since its foundation in Hong Kong in 1973, P. Leo Group is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of electrical insulation materials with focus on electrical and electronics industry.

P. Leo, Hoi Luen Electrical, Lee Yuen Electrical and Heatsolve have all become part of the P. Leo Group. This landmark integration represents a substantial milestone as your electrical insulation specialist and allows us to provide you with even broader range of innovation products and material designs. 

Our group has a strong track record of expertise and innovation and was the pioneers to establish and design UL electrical insulation systems back in 1980s. Our market-leading brands include BC Tape® Electrical Insulation Tapes, Hoi Luen® Wires, Lee Yuen® Power Cords, Heatsolve Heating Wires and JT Tech® Medical cables. Our products are UL and VDE certified, comply with other relevant industry standards. We also provide UL certified insulation systems and solutions.

Currently, P. Leo Group has more than 500 employees, 35,000 square meter manufacturing facilitates and R&D teams in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. We are an IATF 16949, ISO14001 and ISO9001 registered company to ensure the highest standards of quality.

As we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2023, we remain steadfast and push the boundaries of what is possible through our innovation and our dedication, and to provide cutting-edge and customised electrical insulation designs and solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


Our mission is to become your trusted provider of electrical insulation designs and solutions. Consistent high quality, innovation, and dedication are the pillars of our commitment to earn your trust. 


Our electrical insulation solutions enhancing performances of your products. Our innovation addressing challenges not just today, but also for the future. 


Insulation Tapes

Magnet Wire

Filament Wire

TIW / FIW / Litz Wire

Heating Wires
Power Cord
Cable Assembly
Green Energy

Flexible Composite Materials

Tube & Sleeving


Elantas Varnish is the product brand of Elantas GmbH, a German company and a global leader in professional electronic insulation materials manufacturing. Elantas Varnish focuses on producing and selling various electrical insulation varnishes and coatings for electrical insulation, protection, and encapsulation applications.

The products of Elantas Varnish are used in various industries, including electronics, electrical, automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, and industrial sectors. They are utilized for the protection of electronic components, cables, motors, transformers, and other electrical equipment, providing insulation performance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and protection.

Jovil Universal LLC is a professional manufacturer of transformers and coil winding machines. They specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing various types of coil winding machines to meet the needs of different industries. Their product range includes automatic winding machines, manual winding machines, multi-axis winding machines, and special winding machines.

Jovil Universal LLC's coil winding machines feature advanced functionality and technology, enabling high-precision and high-efficiency coil winding operations. These machines are commonly used in the winding processes of electrical and electronic equipment such as transformers, inductors, motors, and generators.

Micrometals is an engineering focused organization driven to deliver the industry’s best powder core solutions and serve those markets with the broadest selection of standard materials, shapes and sizes. Micrometals also has unmatched capabilities to provide quick-turn modified products, custom geometries and customized materials to solve challenging application requirements. 

Micrometals works closely with customer’s engineering and supply chain teams to help them succeed and provide them with powder cores of uncompromising quality, performance and reliability. For more informative details about Micrometals products, please visit: https://www.micrometals.com/