Market specific solutions for the appliances industry

Our long history of innovation and technology leadership, a broad portfolio of proprietary products, and global technical talent help solve our customers' most challenging power delivery problems for a variety of equipment and appliances.

Our products with a full range of safety approval certifications are the unsung heroes that support global human life and social activities worldwide. From the visible impact in your morning coffee routine to the invisible workings in electronic devices, our components seamlessly integrate into the fabric of daily life.

We offer a wide range of plugs in the coffee machine, such as for EU version, Plug LY-16, Plug LY-112, Brazil version, Plug LY-30BR, UK version, Plug LY-13A.

When it comes to cord-set and wiring harness solutions for appliances used in laptops, computers, printers, monitors, and servers, we offer a diverse range of options that optimize office appliances for increased efficiency. Our DC leads cater to the needs of audio-visual equipment, such as game controllers, projectors, and audio systems, providing plenty of choices to suit different requirements.

One of our specialties lies in power cords that are renowned for their excellent flexibility and performance, particularly in personal care appliances.Our product range extends to hairdryers, straighteners, electric shavers, toothbrush dispensers, and more, ensuring reliable power delivery for everyday personal care needs.

And in personal care appliances, we have the following products that can be used, including our standard plugs of UK Plug LY-13A; EU Plug LY-13, CCC Plug LY-3D, etc..

When it comes to products requiring medium-temperature heating, such as electric blankets, our heating elements are the ideal choice.

They provide efficient and controlled heating to ensure comfort and safety. Furthermore, our PI film offers high-quality protection for appliances that require high-temperature heating. Tested for excellence in insulation and component isolation, our PI film prevents fuse melting during sudden temperature rises, making it suitable for applications like coffee makers.

We are committed to delivering top-notch power delivery solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and safety. Our experienced team provides exceptional customer support, ensuring that our products integrate seamlessly into your applications.

Please find more details about our offerings in the specific product segments or contact our local representatives disclosing the contents.