Heating Wires

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Bunched Heating Wire

Our Bunched Heating Wire is designed especially for high loading environment like underfloor heating, pipe defrost, and roof defrost. The wire is durable while flexible, and it is easy to install. Because of its high durability, it is prefect for outdoor environment.

Carbon Fiber Insulated Heating Wire

Our carbon fiber insulated heating wire offers high resistance against chemical, while keeping its durability and flexibility properties. This lightweight heating wire is ideal to use in low wattage applications where rapid heating is required, and where far infrared heating is preferred, releasing no electromagnetic radiation. Due to its high tensile strength, and its resistance against oxidation, corrosive, and chemical, carbon fiber heating is ideal for a wide variety of applications, both industrial and commercial, where little maintenance is required. Carbon fiber also has one of the highest electric conversion efficiency, which meant it is the best option where energy saving is a concern.

Multiple Spiralled Fluorine Heating Wire

Our multiple spiralled fluorine heating wire is specially design in area where durability comes first. This ultra fine heating cable can be integrated into car sets and steering wheel to ensure quick and reliable heating, while retain the comfort of the seat.

NTC Temperature Sensing Wire

Our NTC temperature sensing wire is one-of-a-kind heating wire. This “Smart Wire” could detect the temperature along the entire heating wire, and therefore could prevent local hot spot from forming. In another word, the wire would stop functioning once it detects partial heating wire being overheated. Unlike a typical fuse, where it offers a one-time fail-safe, our smart wire could be reset and function like normal once it cools down. This could drastically reduce the return rate of your product while keeping customers safe.


Spiralled Fluorine Heating Wire

Similar in structure of our spiralled PVC heating wire, our spiralled fluorine heating wire is specially design in area where high temperature and rapid heating is required. To overcome the harsh heating environment, our spiralled fluorine heating wire offers a high range engineer fluorine polymer, custom made for your need.


Spiralled PVC Heating Wire

Our dual layers heating wire provides a cost effective, while safe heating solution to low wattage applications where comfort and flexibility are important. With one spiral layer acts as a heating element, the other spiral layer simultaneously detects the temperature, our spiralled heating wire packs a lot in one small wire. To add on to this, the PVC mid-insulation acts as a fail-safe which prevent the wire from overheating.