Spiralled PVC Heating Wire

Our dual layers heating wire provides a cost effective, while safe heating solution to low wattage applications where comfort and flexibility are important. With one spiral layer acts as a heating element, the other spiral layer simultaneously detects the temperature, our spiralled heating wire packs a lot in one small wire. To add on to this, the PVC mid-insulation acts as a fail-safe which prevent the wire from overheating.



High Cost-Performance ratio
Good Flexibility

Technical Data

Conductor diameter (mm) 2.0 – 2.6mm
Voltage Rating (V) 30V or 125V or 150 V or 300V
Temperature Rating 60, 80, 90 or 105 deg C
Max. temperature 110 deg C
Max. heating value 8W/m
Heating Resistance 0.15Ω/m~300Ω/m
Safety Approvals UL
Insulation System E137515
Packaging 3000 – 5000 meters per Box

Product details