A tool for designing better power supply

A New Online CAD tool for Switching Power Supplies
PowerEsim- A free on-line switch mode power supply SMPS, circuit and transformer design, calculation, simulation software. More than 100 circuits and topologies are available with real constructed transformers. 

It provides a virtual laboratory environment for users to wind and place every single turn of a transformer, and with the help of tens of thousands of real modeled components on the market, users can simply pick and place the real components into the circuit, and within a fraction of a second our server will immediately return the result to the user. It is even faster than modifying prototypes in a real environment, and furthermore the risk of getting explosions of the prototype on real bench is no longer a concern. It is Better than real.

No abstract concept or theories are needed to use this tool, as in real world, the basic definition of a transformer is how the wires in a core, not Maxwell's equations, or the part No. of a MOSFET make the difference, and so semiconductor physics are not required to change a part.

The most important part of a theory is the result itself. With the "Result Oriented Design Approach", it can yield high quality designs in a very short amount of time. Experts can always use it to optimize a more efficient solution or a design of lower cost with the same performance quality. It makes the usual pre-design phase turn from days to only minutes and is also a very good verification tool for the final design.

In a real laboratory, engineers have the ability to feel the heat, measure the stress, wind real transformers and wait and see how long until the unit gets burned. With our seamless integration of a variety of tools such as thermal, MTBF, Life, DVT, Waveform, etc., users can now do the same things in PowerEsim virtual environment.

Powerful Integrated features

  • Component loss analysis
  • Essential waveforms
  • Transformer winding design
  • Input harmonics analysis
  • Feedback loop analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • MTBF prediction
  • Design Verification Test (DVT) report

...and more

A Tool for Engineers
Choose a circuit topology, put in your power supply specifications and click. A complete design is ready. Optimize the design automatically or manually to produce the best product performance.

A Tool for Managers
Fast response to RFQs, more control on product cost and better product quality control. Surprise your customers by the speed and details of your proposals with the help of ready to use reports from PowerEsim.

A Tool for Component Vendors
Promote your components directly to product design engineers through PowerEsim. No more application notes needed. No more delay due to design mistakes.

A Tool for Trainees
Students and trainees learn quickly through PowerEsim. Simulated waveforms and analysis give real life demonstration.

How to start?
Go to www.powerEsim.com and get started. It is a free on-line tool!