UL Electrical Insulation System

When designing your transformer and/or motor base on UL60950, UL1516, UL1411, UL1310, UL1012 etc. that requires using the Electrical Insulation Systems (EIS), P. LEO can help you to achieve this. We are offering the transformer, relays, switches, sensors and motor industry with our own UL Electrical Insulation Systems that have been preapproved by Underwriters Laboratories and are recognized to IEC standards.

EIS type recognition for electrical products was required only in America by those manufacturers looking for UL recognition under UL 1446. However, with the recent adoption by the IEC member nations of IEC 61857 and IEC 61858 covering EIS, the concept of using electrical insulation systems is now a global reality. For those nations automatically adopting IEC standards as National standards, electrical insulation systems are here today for their domestic products as well as exports. Your company can benefit from our EIS by saving yourself time and cost in adopting your own systems. Because in order to meet the required standards in adopting the final UL recognition, a year or two of intense testing is necessary. In addition, you will have to invest an access of US$40,000 in the process. Our systems have already gained the recognitions from UL and are ready to be implemented into your application.

How to select the Right UL Electrical Insulation System

In choosing the right electrical insulation system, we have outlined the key steps and decision areas below.

1. Decide if your transformer and/or motor needs an EIS.

2. Determine which “class” of systems recognition your product requires. EIS classes are based on the maximum “hot spot” in the system. Your choices are Class B (130C), Class F (155C), Class H (180C), Class N (200C), Class R (220C) and Class S (240C); these classes can be found from our website http://www.hk.pleo.com/OBJS2/OBJS2.htm

3. Decide if your application requires an Electrical Insulation System for use in an “open to the atmosphere” application such as a transformer, relay, contactor, and most motors, please check what ground insulation you will use.

4. Check the System designation at our website http://www.hk.pleo.com/eis/index.asp and check which ground insulation and magnet wire you will use. P.Leo tapes are ground insulation materials available in most of our UL Electrical Insulation System.

5. Check on the varnish, if any, you would like to use. You can access the information on our materials list that shows you all the minor insulation materials, e.g. “Coil Bobbins, Wires, Varnishes, Resins, Sleeving & tube etc.

6. To receive authorization for our Electrical Insulation System, simply send us an e-mail at market@pleo.com requesting authorization. We will write a letter to you with a copy to your UL agents.

7. You can send your OBJY2 application letter to UL with our authorization letter to adopt our Electrical Insulation System.

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