Carbon Fiber Insulated Heating Wire

Our carbon fiber insulated heating wire offers high resistance against chemical, while keeping its durability and flexibility properties. This lightweight heating wire is ideal to use in low wattage applications where rapid heating is required, and where far infrared heating is preferred, releasing no electromagnetic radiation. Due to its high tensile strength, and its resistance against oxidation, corrosive, and chemical, carbon fiber heating is ideal for a wide variety of applications, both industrial and commercial, where little maintenance is required. Carbon fiber also has one of the highest electric conversion efficiency, which meant it is the best option where energy saving is a concern.


Chemical, Corrosion, and Oxidation Resistance
High Tensile Strength
Rapid Far Infrared Heating
High Electric Conversion Efficiency

Technical Data
Carbon Fiber Heating Wire series

Outside Diameter (mm) 1.2 – 2.5mm
Number of cores Single or Double core
Voltage Rating (V) Max. DC 36V  or  Max. AC 250 V
Temperature Rating 105 deg C
Max. temperature 110 deg C
Carbon Fiber Count 1K to 24K
Heating Resistance 17Ω/m~480Ω/m
Packaging 1000 – 1500 meters per Reel or 3000- 5000 meters per Box

Product details