About P. LEO Insulation tape

P. LEO provide many kinds of insulation tape, including: polyester tape, barrier tape, foil tape, reinforced thread fiber tape, aromatic polyamide tape, acetate cloth tape and mixed fiber tape etc..

Insulating tape mainly provide in mechanical grip or in the layer insulation of bandage coil during the production process, suitable for transformer, motor and high-tech electrical industry. The grade of various thickness, tensile strength, dielectric strength and temperature rating are obvious advantages of these features in this category.

P. LEO provides different material, different thickness, tensile strength, dielectric strength and temperature rating and electrical insulating tape, suitable for UL insulation system EIS. All products comply with RoHS safety (with * mark is refers conforms to halogen-free requirements).

There are adequate supply and available color of high quality P. LEO insulating tape; must be the best choice for home. About other insulating materials or our agent products can browse our CDs or page www.pleo.com.


Insulating tape can be used for the insulation system
Insulation system level P. LEO UL Electrical insulation system
(UL file E200050)
Class B(130°C) B81/B82/B83/B85/B88/B89/B90/B91/B92/B93/B95/B96
Class F(155°C) F81/F83/F88/F89/F90/F91
(1P8011P802) (1PEN21PN2R)
Class H(180°C) H82/H83/H84/H85/H86/H87
(1PEN21PN2R) (1K0631K71701K71781K7220)
Class N(200°C) N82/N83/N85/N86/N87/N89
(1PEN21PN2R) (1K0631K71701K71781K7220), 1G200
Class R(220°C) R81/R82 (NMN)
Class S(240°C) S81/S82 (NMN)/(SM61)


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