Mica sheet consists of phengite, quartz, garnet and rutile etc, can be converted into sodium feldspar, zoisite and hard chlorite etc, phengite contains rich Fe and Mg, Si in phengite can reach 3.369, and high pressure combination.It also have the function of insulate and low loss of thermal resistance.

Mica sheet is made of a thick mica piece after peeling, thicking, cutting, drilling or coining,it has a certain thickness, a certain shape, the product is suitable for the TV set, electric power capacitor, thermal relay, monitor display, aerospace, aviation, communication, radar, heat-resistant skeleton, etc as the raw material. divide into: electric heater chip, electric heaters, gasket, electronics segment, the light bulb pills, because its material is the natural mineral products, have the Characteristic of non- pollution, good insulation and voltage resistance, we can die cutting all kinds of natural mica sheet according to customer requirements.


Product Spec:
Rigid Mica Plate
Flexible Mica Plate
SM62 & 8M81

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