Spiralled PVC Heating Wire 

Our dual layers heating wire provides a cost effective, while safe heating solution to low wattage applications where comfort and flexibility are important. With one spiral layer acts as a heating element, the other spiral layer simultaneously detects the temperature, our spiralled heating wire packs a lot in one small wire. To add on to this, the PVC mid-insulation acts as a fail-safe which prevent the wire from overheating.  


High Cost-Performance ratio 

Good Flexibility 

Technical Data 

Conductor diameter (mm)2.0 – 2.6mm
Voltage Rating (V)30V or 125V or 150 V or 300V
Temperature Rating  60, 80, 90 or 105 deg C
Max. temperature 110 deg C
Max. heating value 8W/m
Heating Resistance   0.15Ω/m~300Ω/m
Safety ApprovalsUL
Insulation SystemE137515
Packaging3000 – 5000 meters per Box

Spiralled Fluorine Heating Wire 

Similar in structure of our spiralled PVC heating wire, our spiralled fluorine heating wire is specially design in area where high temperature and rapid heating is required. To overcome the harsh heating environment, our spiralled fluorine heating wire offers a high range engineer fluorine polymer, custom made for your need. 


For high temperature usage 


Fluorine Heating Wire series