Electrical Insulation Tape

Cotton Cloth

Cotton Tape is noted for its conformable wrap as a class 105oC product in electrical application, abrasion resistant, 1C821 backing is absorbent for extra impregnation.

Acetate Cloth

Black or White acetate cloth coated with flame-retardant adhesive, rough and absorbent surface. It is better suited for varnished impregnation in 130oC application.

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Copper Foil Tape

Copper Foil Tape is good conformability, varnish absorption and abrasion resistant.

General utility grade cotton tape used in applications requiring good mechanical strength. Design for use as a coil wrap in capacitors and transformers. Also excellent for hold down and bundling applications.

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1E070 1E075 1ECE7



EKG Leadwire to Pinch / Snap  

Simple Wiring Assembly  


Power Cord


UL system

Enamelled Copper Wire THW

Enamelled Copper Wire UEW

Enamelled Copper Wire  UEW-F