thermal class at 180°C

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THL-H series


THL-H series, thermal class at 180°C, is a unique product for high frequency transformers. Three layer extruded coatings of high performance polymer resins gives excellent dielectric properties to this type of winding wires. Unlike enameled wires, three layers of insulation are extruded over the copper conductor with automated manufacturing process, to ensure perfect central position of conductor.

The conventional enameled wire winding coils requires insulation between the primary and secondary coils by means of barrier tape or interlayer tape to isolate primary and secondary windings. Since three layers coating is having very high dielectric strength, it has very less creepage factor. This positive feature of THL serves to downsize switching transformers and promises high production efficiency and cost reduction. Depending on the design, the transformer size can be reduced up to 40% and weight up to 60% as compared to transformers made of enameled wires.