UL 2060

Type:UL 2060
Material: PVC
Voltage: 300V
Attr: Mulit-Conductor,Flat Cable FC


·Strand, tinned or bare conductor,22-16AWG tinned or bare copper
·Color-coded PVC insulation
·Rated temperature:60℃、80℃、90℃ or 105℃.
·Rated voltage: 300 volts .
·Uniform thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting.
·Passes UL VW-1vertical flame test
·Passes UL/C(UL) approval
·Refer to standard UL758
Control wire on hair dryers or heating pads or on electric blankets; or Internal wiring of electric fans.






Size Conductor construction Stranding Diameter Insulation Thickness Separation Thickness Overall Diameter Standard put-up
AWG No./mm mm mm mm mm Feet/coil Meter/coil
20X2 26/0.16 0.94 1.14 0.76 3.22X7.20 1000 305
18X2 41/0.16 1.18 1.14 0.76 3.46X7.68 1000 305
16X2 65/0.16 1.49 1.14 0.76 3.77X8.30 1000 305

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