Simple Wiring Assembly

In a world of intricate designs, we’re taking a moment to embrace simplicity with our latest endeavour.
A lead wire UL1007 crimped with 187 series female terminal and coverage by heat shrink tube.

This showcases a different side to our manufacturing capability. While our expertise usually shines in crafting complex cable assemblies, this time we’re celebrating the elegance of minimalism.

This simple cable assembly proves that sometimes, all you need is a couple of reliable wires to bridge connections and create magic.



  • Ease of installation : provide a convenient and efficient way to organize and route multiple wires and cables. The simplified design and reduced complexity make the installation process straightforward.
  • Enhanced Reliability : Wire harnesses are carefully designed and manufactured to meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements. We ensure proper connections, secure terminations, and protection against environmental factors such as moisture, abrasion and vibration.
  • Cost Effectiveness : Saving time and labor costs.
  • Space Efficiency : The minimalist design helps save space within a system or device.
  • Flexibility : It can often be easily modified or customized to accommodate specific requirements or changes in the system.


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