Flexible Composite Materials

FCM® is an insulating materials NMN obtained by laminating a polyester (Mylar®) film with one sheet or two sheets of Nomex® paper (aromatic/polyamid fibers) based calendared e.g. Nomex® 410, 416 & 464 or un-calendared e.g. Nomex® 411. Our laminating with a thermo-resistant resin ensures the perfect bonding.

Nomex® 410, 416 & 464 with good mechanical resistance and an excellent resistance to the high temperatures; Polyester film is very resistant to the tearing; the combination of the two materials enables FCM® to get high performances when both mechanical or thermal stress occurs, suitable for Slot Liner,Ground Insulation ,Wedges ,Barrier ,Phase Insulation ,Layer and HVT Coils

FCM® is produced in several types and thicknesses; the most important our Nomex® laminates containing total thickness of 6 mils and/or 5 mil of Nomex® type and laminates containing total thickness of 10 mil of Nomex type N411MN are ground and Interwinding Insulation in P.Leo Electrical Insulation System OBJS2, UL File No. E200050 : Class N (200℃) N86 and Class R (220℃)R81, R82 and Class S (240℃) S81, S82 system.


Product Spec:
N416 1N80C
N416 2N50+80C
N416 2N80C
N464 1N50C
N464 2N50C

Aerospace, Rail and Automotive, Medical

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