NTC Temperature Sensing Wire

Our NTC temperature sensing wire is one-of-a-kind heating wire. This “Smart Wire” could detect the temperature along the entire heating wire, and therefore could prevent local hot spot from forming. In another word, the wire would stop functioning once it detects partial heating wire being overheated. Unlike a typical fuse, where it offers a one-time fail-safe, our smart wire could be reset and function like normal once it cools down. This could drastically reduce the return rate of your product while keeping customers safe.



Temperature detection Along the Wire

Technical Data
NTC Heating Wire series

Outside Diameter (mm) 2.3 – 2.6mm
Voltage Rating (V) Max. 300V
Temperature Rating 105 deg C
Max. temperature 80 deg C
Max. heating value 8W/m
Heating Resistance 0.5Ω/m~100Ω/m
Detector Resistance 5Ω/m~130Ω/m
Packaging 3000 – 5000 meters per Box