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    "" is a registered trade mark of P. LEO & CO., LTD. and it is one of P.LEO's high quality products for electrical industry. " BC" means the best coating on magnet wire which will suit your delicate designs. BCWire® Research and Development (R&D) department is located in Hong Kong where all BCWire® UL recognitions are through P.LEO's Hong Kong office. The purpose of this site is to give you a basic picture of our wire and help you choose the most suitable items.

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    Dimensions and resistance
    The conductor (copper), after insulation, will comply with the requirements given for dimensions in Section 6 to Section 9. The resistance will be determined in accordance with ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) B193 and will not exceed 0.017241 ohm (mm2/m)

    Insulating materials
    Film or coatings will conform to the latest revisions of the applicable standards of ANSI, ASTM, or NEMA. Various resins are referred in Section 2 as the basecoat and overcoat. The resins specified may be modified. A modified resin is a resin that has undergone a chemical change, or contains one or more additives to enhance certain performance or application characteristics. But it will retain the essential chemical identity of the original resin and the coated conductor will meet all specified test requirements of the appropriate NEMA standard (for UL approved items).



    Application of insulation
    The wire will be coated or covered with a smooth continuous insulation and will meet the thickness requirement as specified in later sections. Film covering will be smooth and continuous, free from streakiness, blisters, and foreign material.

    Intermediate sizes
    For wire sizes between AWG sizes, the increase in dimensions due to the film coating will be the same as for the next larger size (AWG), and the test values will be the same as the next smaller size (AWG).

    Dimensions and metric equivalents
    In NEMA standards, units are expressed in customary British inch system. But their approximate metric equivalents are included in later sections for your quick reference. For indirect conversion of inches to millimeters, multiply inches by the factor of 25.4(exact). The practice of rounding off numerical values is in accordance with ASTM E29.


    The wire will be wound evenly and compactly on spools or reels, or will be deposited in containers uniformly and compactly and free from kinks. The wire will be packed in such a manner as to protect it from damage during transportation. You can find more details in Section 11 and 12.

    Order and Engineering Information
      Orders magnet wire should include the following :
      1. Quantity : Total number of Kilograms
      2. Size : American Wire Gauge (AWG), British Standard Wire Gauge (SWG), Gauge (BWG) or equivalent diameters as a decimal dimension in millimeters.
      3. Type of material
        1. Conductor : Copper or Aluminum etc.
        2. Insulating materials
          1. Type of resins as basecoat and overcoat.
          2. Insulation thickness designation (Single; heavy or Triple).
          3. Application of the magnet wire.
          4. Packaging size of spools (Bobbin), reels, or containers.


The production product range includes dimension from 0.018mm to 4.50mm.


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